About Michael

I am an Institute Executive Fellow at the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. The views here are my own.

Recent case work includes Marvel, Restoring A Blue Ocean where I had the chance to work with the former executives of Marvel, who transformed the company from bankrupt, with $250 million in debt, to debt-free and a $4.2 billion buyout in 11 years. I also programmed a series of apps to help Blue Ocean Strategy practitioners.

Before INSEAD, during and after the financial crisis, I had a data company. My data business was used by the New York Federal Reserve, American Civil Liberties Union, two Joint Congressional Oversight Committees investigating the financial crisis, the TARP Oversight Committee, a few state Attorney Generals, some clients I can’t write about, and many law firms.

My work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Time Magazine, MSNBC, and many other publications. I remain a frequent contributor to Naked Capitalism and my work is widely cited elsewhere in business and economic publications.

Before that I built and sold businesses to Avery Dennison, GE, and others.

I have worked with countless business, large small, and startups on ideation, implementation, and experimentation. I’ve worked with lots of design firms: my favorites are IDEO and Fluid.

I’ve worked with developers in the US, Western and Eastern Europe, and — of course — India. I like India despite that I seem to always gain weight when I visit.

My interests include innovation, economics, businesses (especially turnarounds), data, technology (especially software engineering), law, public policy, travel, barbecue cooking, and Indian food, in that order. I also write a lot, which is probably why you’re reading this.

Lately, I’m located in Europe with my wife, daughter, and two dogs.